Technology and economics of crops

The AGROTEKIS expert system is an interactive dialog program for modeling and economic evaluation of the technological process and the resulting economy of crop cultivation. For the selected production area, a list of crops and cultivation technologies that are contained in the database will be offered. For the selected crop, a detailed technological process of cultivation is displayed with normative indicators of costs, yields and the resulting economy of the crop. The user has the opportunity to modify this data to a large extent according to his local conditions and save the modified crop technology in a database for further use.

The program was developed by Research institute of agricultural engineering p.r.i. within the institutional support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic for the long-term conceptual development of Research institute of agricultural engineering , p.r.i MZE-RO0618

Select the type of agricultural production area:
corn and beet potato potato-oat and mountain   

Enter the login name and password.
The name and password are only used to secure the data you have modified and saved, and you can choose it as you wish.
The data of all crop models stored with a login name and password are permanently available for you on the server.

Contact: Ing. Zdeněk Abrham, CSc.        
  tel. 233 022 399. 731 615 041